How protected is your home while you’re away?

By many accounts, Oceanside is a peaceful place. Crime is reportedly low, and people exhibit a welcoming warmth shared by so many of San Diego’s residents. But even peaceful neighborhoods are subject to petty theft. Whether it’s the work of locals or thieves from other areas praying on the easy-going nature of the town, residents of this Pacific Ocean adjacent neighborhood shouldn’t take their safety for granted. After all, victims of robbery don’t ever plan to get robbed.

To make sure your home doesn’t become the exception to the rule, check out these tips for improving security.

Keep the yard maintained

 Whether or not it’s warranted, people make up their minds about your based on how your yard looks, aka curb appeal. A manicured lawn and flawless exterior suggests the presence of a homeowner who cares about appearances, and is generally on alert. By contrast, homes with overgrown bushes, weeds, and faded paint jobs indicate a lack of interest in ownership.

Unfortunately, safety experts claim that these types of properties are hit most often by burglars. The good news is that you can improve appearances fairly easily. Simply keeping your lawn mowed and the large, over-hanging branches trimmed. To go the extra mile, call the most experienced outdoor plumber in Oceanside. Boyd Rogers can equip you with a sprinkler system to keep the lawn looking fantastic. Whether you live over near The Oceanside Pier or The California Surf Museum, our team of experts will help ensure that thieves steer clear of your house.

Consider a security system 

Security systems aren’t a reality for everyone. Depending on how extensive you want to make them, they just might be too expensive for the average homeowner. However, they do provide several benefits. Mounted video cameras keep an eye on the exterior and interior while you’re not there. If anyone breaks in, they’ll be caught on tape. Additionally, you can rest easy when you’re away from the house. Knowing that your property is being protected can deliver peace of mind. After all, let’s face it. While many consider Oceanside to be a vacation destination, local residents like to get out of town as well, without having to worry about theft.

Start a neighborhood watch program

 If you haven’t met your neighbors, it’s never too late to introduce yourself. Having a strong network of watchful neighbors is a great way to prevent crime. All neighborhood watch programs function differently. Some are very active; residents take turns patrolling the streets during different days and hours. Meanwhile, others simply involve neighbors keeping in touch with each other. One common practice is to keep a running list of people’s names, numbers and addresses. You can simply start an open online document, and update it as needed. This helps keep the lines of communication open at all times.

Sometimes neighborhood watch committees in Oceanside take the most simple form possible. When you ask your neighbor to collect your mail while you’re away – that’s a form of watch. The idea is to stay in touch with your neighbors to ensure safety for all.

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