Guys, check out this perfect Valentine’s Day gift idea

Valentine’s Day is still a few weeks away, but for guys, it’s never too early to start thinking about a gift. No matter what partners say, they’re expecting something. Fortunately, Vista is full of restaurants and fun destinations (and not far from San Diego’s best romantic asset, The Pacific Ocean), but you also don’t want to take your significant other to the same old place, or fail to surprise by giving the same old gift. Instead try something big and bold this year. Try plumbing!

…Just hear us out. We’re not talking about fixing a clogged toilet or replacing a leaky faucet. No, this Valentine’s Day, give your special someone the gift of a bathroom remodel. Who wouldn’t appreciate a luxury upgrade in their home?

Check out some of these ideas for your bathroom remodel that are guaranteed to surprise and win her over.

Walk-in shower

These days, walk-in showers are all the rage. More and more homeowners are treating the shower like a vessel. Rather than using a traditional tub and curtain, they add a large glass door, install a high-mounted showerhead, and outfit the entire space with designer tile. Many people even build a seat into the wall, making the shower a personal space to relax and spend time, and elevating the entire thing above just a utilitarian experience. When you enter a walk-in shower, you immediately feel like you’re staying in a luxury resort.

High-performance showerhead

Showerheads have come a long way. While residents in older homes still use older, inefficient models, increasingly the norm is to expect higher performance – and save money – from of a showerhead. Popular models include heads that simulate a light rainfall, while others allow you to choose your level of pressure. Meanwhile, the most modern versions come with even more options. You can now not only adjust the pressure, but control the water temperature as well.

If this sounds like a good gift for your Valentine, call the best plumber in Vista for installation. Boyd Rogers can swap out your old showerhead for any type of new, modern model. Whether you live near the TownePlace Suites or any other area of our awesome San Diego County neighborhood, we’ll be happy to help you deliver the perfect gift this year.


We find it a bit unusual that bidets aren’t more common in the US. They’re popular features in other countries, but perhaps we have a long tradition of building bathrooms to be more basic and compact. However, new trends in design favor larger, expanded bathrooms. And with that comes an opportunity to add more features. We’ve already mentioned the walk-in shower, but another feature your Valentine may love is a bidet. These fixtures deliver a more elegant and sanitary way of using the restroom. With the simple press of a button, a gentle stream shoots out of the bidet and provides a clean and satisfying experience. You’ll need the work of a plumber to connect it to your existing pipes, but if you want a more luxury bathroom, bidets are a great option.



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