Escondido may mean “hidden” in Spanish, but a city this attractive cannot remain a secret for long. Originally founded in 1888, this lovely city north of San Diego is one of California’s oldest cities. This community welcomes everyone regardless of cultural or socioeconomic background. Truly, everyone can find a place here, and many never leave.

Escondido, California is approximately 10 miles inland from the Pacific Coast and about 30 miles northeast of the thriving metropolis of San Diego. It is a study in how old and new can combine to create a city that is vibrant and wonderful. While the outer edges of the city harken back to the old days of California with its avocado trees, citrus groves and slow pace of life, the downtown area is as vibrant and colorful as any you will find in California.

The old juxtaposed with the new is not just a veneer. The leaders of Escondido have committed to welcoming everyone, and that commitment has paid off. Recently the city was named Money Magazine’s “Best Place to Retire in the West” while simultaneously being labeled a Kid-Friendly City.

City leaders are not satisfied. They continue to strive for excellence by bringing in new jobs, new cultural activities and sponsoring new community outreach programs while maintaining established programs.

This city has a bright future and those that live here know it and are willing to do what it takes to realize that promise.

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