With a Spanish name that means “big box” or “drawer,” you’d expect El Cajon to be enclosed on four sides. It is, in fact, a canyon surrounded by mountains. Today, approximately 100,000 residents call the town home, and professional NASCAR driver Jimmy Johnson grew up there.

Residents and visitors alike find plenty to do in the Valley of Opportunity. The Westfield Parkway shopping center offers retail therapy every day of the week. On Thursday evenings, the Moonlight Serenade Orchestra plays Big Band and Swing music for enthusiastic dancers. Musicians also appreciate Taylor Guitar factory tours, while nature lovers of all ages enjoy visits to the Water Conservation Garden. In the summer, the Thursday evening farmer’s market offers fresh, local produce.

That produce grows in the fertile area in part because of the pleasant weather year round. Like other cities in San Diego County, August is the warmest month of the year with 70 degrees F temperatures. December is the coldest month with 55 degrees F temperatures. Additionally, you don’t have to worry about cancelling plans due to rain. The town receives an average annual rainfall of just below 12 inches. Even the wettest month, March, sees only two to three inches of rain on average.

With the rich history and numerous attractions, El Cajon welcomes visitors and residents to settle permanently in the area or to spend a few days relaxing any time of year.

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