Thirty-five miles north of San Diego, an affluent resort town welcomes visitors to explore sandy beaches, experience cultural diversity and enjoy warm Southern California weather. That city is Carlsbad. It became famous in the 1880s for its spa-like water quality, and the town was renamed after Karlsbad, a famed Bohemian spa.

The discovery of spa water led to the city’s intense growth. Homes, business and farms sprouted up, with many of the new residents coming from Germany, Austria and Scandinavia. They fell in love with the area’s architecture and landscape that reminded them of home. Residents and visitors continue to enjoy these qualities and others offered by the town to this day.

Beaches are among the town’s most popular features. The California State Parks Department operates the three beaches located just outside the city limits. Here, guests bask in the warm, sub-Mediterranean climate and enjoy the Pacific Ocean’s calming effects.

Anyone who wants a bit of thrilling history finds it at the world’s first skateboard park. It was built in 1976 on the Carlsbad Raceway grounds and continues to welcome guests to practice and watch cool tricks.

In 1999, Legoland moved into town. It’s filled with larger than life Lego rides, entertainment and masterpieces that inspire and entertain guests.

With a variety of fun entertainment, delicious food and natural beauty, it’s no wonder people come for the water and stay for the atmosphere they find in Carlsbad, California.

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