Why Comic Con needs an emergency plumber

Comic Con is closing in, and so are the potential festival disasters.

That’s right.  While there will be myriad villains walking through the Convention Center this year (or at least myriad shy fanboys dressed up as villains), the real enemy may be much more sinister.

It’s an enemy that prefers to lurk in the shadows, unseen by many.  Meanwhile it has the power to affect us all, and if provoked, could possibly disrupt our lives in a dastardly way!

It’s not The Joker or General Zod.  No, this wicked foe is known as… Plumbing!

In truth, no part of San Diego county is safe from Plumbing’s wicked potential.

From La Jolla to Balboa Park, El Cajon to North County, it lulls home and business owners alike into a false sense of security.

True, it improves our day to day existence, but it also has the power to unleash utter mayhem!

And no other place in our city is more at risk than the convention center during this year’s Comic Con!

With 2013’s attendance estimated at over 130,000, 2014 promises to be packed with to the gills with festival-goers.  It’s just the kind of high-profile event that Plumbing will likely threaten to destroy.

But don’t panic.  Call the best plumber San Diego has to offer, and Boyd Rogers will swoop in like a super hero, ready to fight the watery destruction!

However, if you’re going to Comic Con, here are the 3 most likely Plumbing emergencies to prepare for.

Clogged Toilet

It’s become a tradition for people to dress up in costume for the convention.

Fans take their commitment seriously, and if their costumes aren’t incredibly detailed and life-like, then it’s a truly shameful experience.

With The Dark Knight continuing to ride a wave of popularity, expect many cool Batman costumes this year… and a few duds.

For those who cut corners, they’ll be horribly embarrassed when compared to the champions.  A disappointed Dark Knight may try to flush his budget mask down the toilet, stopping it up, and causing a major flood in the convention center!

Plumbing rears its ugly head.

Gas Leak    

Although it hasn’t been released yet, Michael Bay’s new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle movie is already being met with mixed reaction by hardcore fans online.

Rumor has it that the actual teenage mutant ninja turtles may show up to protest the glossy depiction of themselves.  If this happens, expect an appearance by the actual Flash, who’d just be happy with any film adaptation of his character.

If a fight breaks out between the two super hero camps, they may rupture a gas line.  Boyd Rogers will have to save the day.

Stopped Drain

Prediction 3: while waiting in line for a panel on the monster kids’ hit, Monster High, two middle-aged, single men will begin hotly debating their favorite characters on the show.

The conflict will get so heated that they won’t notice until it’s too late that the line has moved, and the panel is over.  They missed it.

Devastated, the grown men will cry a deluge of tears, which will cause clogged drains, and a major backflow of water into the convention center.

Plumbing has struck again.

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