When you need to check your pipes

Not too long ago, the San Diego opera delivered its last performance.  It actually happened amid some controversy, as the public and opera fans were given little notice.

The opera was a cultural institution in San Diego.  For decades, people had been attending performances at downtown’s popular Civic Theatre.

Somewhat of an institution itself, the Civic Theatre has also showcased symphonies, concerts, and major comedians.  It holds it own among other downtown destinations like the Gaslamp Quarter and the Convention Center.

While many of the city’s historical landmarks have been battered by age or even threatened with closure and demolition, the Civic Theatre has stood the test of time.

It’s important to preserve these old buildings (and old houses) because they link us to our history.  But they need renovation to keep them thriving.

For example, even if the plumbing in a historical property was properly installed and is comprised of good materials, it will need to be inspected and possibly replaced at some point.

Contact a reliable plumber

If you live in an old house or own an old building, the charm and character also come with extra maintenance.

To make sure the house stays preserved, contact an experienced professional who will inspect your infrastructure and prevent a possible plumbing emergency.

For the best possible leak detection San Diego can offer, Boyd Rogers is ready to serve you.  By checking your pipes, we’ll help maintain your home’s history or keep your new home running smoothly, to ensure that it stands the passing of time.

How do you know when your pipes need a check up?

First of all, it’s good to know what kind of pipes you have in your home or commercial property.

Supply pipes, which are under constant pressure and could possibly cause water damage if they start to leak, typically consist of copper or galvanized steel.

The latter has a relatively short life of 20 – 50 years, while the former will last beyond 50.  On the other hand, if your pipes are made of brass, you’re set for 40 – 70 years.

As for your drain lines, cast iron can endure up to 100 years of use, and PVC pipe is guaranteed to last forever.

However, old homes usually have a host of problems that could affect the stability of the piping.  If the foundation wasn’t stable, or the ground around the home settled in a particular way, it can disrupt the network of plumbing.

If you think that you have Polybutylene pipes in your home (they’re made of gray, plastic material), call us immediately.  This piping may appear fine, but chlorinated water has caused the pipes to flake on the inside, and could cause your pipes to break unexpectedly.

The other red flags to look out for are lead pipes.  Over time lead has been proven to be hazardous to our health, even if the amounts ingested are minimal.

In the early twentieth century when lead was commonly used in homes, no one knew this.  But now it’s common knowledge.  Lead pipes are typically gray and can be scratched easily.

If you have lead pipes and your water’s been tested to show a high degree of the substance, contact Boyd Rogers.  We’ll replace them, and keep your home – and your health – in good shape.

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