Whatever you do, don’t hire plumbers who act like this

When it comes to plumbing jobs, all San Diego homeowners want to save a buck. Repairing sinks, showers and drains, or bigger jobs like complete copper repiping may get costly. Or at least, they may cost more than you want to spend, which is – let’s be honest – nothing.

Of course, the reality is that, in order to maintain a properly functioning home, you need to invest in it. Whether you live near Balboa Park or Oceanside – it doesn’t matter; there’s no reason why you can’t get great work at a fair price.

But how do you know what’s fair? Most plumbers seem honest on the surface, but unless you’re a contractor yourself, it’s hard to know if they’re legitimate just by asking them for a bid. To help you hire the right plumber for the job, here are some warning signs for plumbers who you should never hire.

Gives super low quotes

When you’re pricing out a plumbing job, it’s a good idea to get a selection of quotes from different professionals. Once you meet them and they inspect the issue, review their bids.

Now immediately toss out the lowest quote.

The guy who only wants to charge half of what the mid or higher-end plumbers charge may save you money up front, but he’s going to be a major headache down the line. He probably doesn’t have a lot of experience and as result, you’ll have to pay someone else to fix his mistakes later on. From Downtown San Diego to North County, every resident needs to beware the excessively low bidder.

Doesn’t have references

While a plumber doesn’t necessarily need an encyclopedia of references to prove his competence, a complete lack of references is a big red flag. Even if you need to repair something as simple as a clogged toilet or drain, don’t hire anyone who can’t show you samples of his other work. Instead, contact the best plumber San Diego has to offer. Boyd Rogers has a proven track record on a variety of plumbing jobs. From simple leaks to trenchless sewer repair, we’ve expertly served the areas near the San Diego Zoo, Qualcomm Stadium, as well as the rest of the city.

Keeps inconsistent schedule

When you get a bid from a plumber, he should set a schedule for the work, and stick to it. Granted, unforeseen issues can occur, but if the job is taking much longer than he originally estimated, or if he just doesn’t show up on certain days, it’s time to reconsider your options. Schedules are important, especially when it comes to home improvement jobs that compromise your day-to-day home life.  Make sure he sticks to his word.

Doesn’t do the work himself

It’s not uncommon for a plumber to have an apprentice. After all, this is how newbies become masters. An extra helper or two on the job site isn’t cause for alarm, but if a whole team of guys suddenly shows up at your house one morning to do the work, you need to have a talk with your plumber – especially if he’s hired them to work for him. The plumber you’re paying should be performing the work himself or with a small, dedicated crew.

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