What plumbing problems are plagung your neighborhood?

If your San Diego home doesn’t have a plumbing problem now, it will. Unfortunately that’s just a fact of home ownership. Eventually you’ll be tested by a failing fixture, leaky faucet, or more. The good news is that you can sometimes predict the trouble ahead of time, depending on what neighborhood you live in.

Often, homes are built in clusters and comprised of similar materials. Based on the issues people experience around you, you might be able to prepare for your future repairs. Knowing in advance can save you time and money.

(All problems are based on observation and anecdotal evidence).


Clogged sewer lines can affect any neighborhood, but Carlsbad seems to have a slightly higher rate of them. Clogs can be caused by anything from a build up of debris over time to the interference of underground tree roots. Either case can cause a back up of water into the house, or a possible flooding of your yard.

Likewise, an old pipe may fail simply due to age. If your home is suffering from a sewer line clog, call the best plumber Carlsbad has to offer. Boyd Rogers specializes in treating bad lines, and can fix or replace them using minimally invasive techniques.


Oceanside is known for its laid-back attitude and beautiful Pacific views; it’s also known for its pipe problems. Like sewer lines, pipes can become clogged over time, causing issues at your faucet. Another call we regularly get is regarding leaks. When a pipe starts to leak, it can create moisture in the wall or floor, or even cause major flooding. If you live in this neighborhood, keep an eye out for these signs.

San Marcos

Recently we’ve encountered several San Marcos residents who had to deal with gas leaks. As most people know, gas leaks can be extremely dangerous. When gas is released into the air, it becomes highly flammable and can potentially cause an explosion in the worst cases. Many of your appliances rely on them (water heaters, stoves, etc.), and if the piping that supplies them is faulty, it can cause a leak. If you smell gas, make sure you evacuate the premises and call a professional.


The most common cause of a water heater failure is age. For many Vista residents, they know this all too well. A slightly older community itself, it’s possible that heaters in Vista’s homes just haven’t been replaced in years. If you call this northern San Diego neighborhood home, it’s important that you perform regular maintenance on your water heater. Flushing it once a year can clear out the guck that accumulates over time, and keep it running in tip top shape. But even persistent care can’t stop it from aging out. If you’ve had it for over 10 ten years, it’s time to swap it out, or perhaps replace it with an efficient, tankless model.

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