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We Provide Round-The-Clock Service

Anyone seeking a plumber in San Diego can call us 24/7 for services at commercial or residential properties. We have a fleet of vans ready to arrive promptly at private residences and businesses to make a variety of repairs. After 37 years providing San Diego plumbing services, we have built an excellent reputation for making a fast diagnosis of leaking pipes, ruptured appliance hoses or defective valves. Homeowners and property managers experiencing an emergency such as a leaking water heater or overflowing toilet can count on us to quickly reach your home or office anywhere along Interstate 8 and neighborhoods across the Greater San Diego area.

Ask About Receiving a Free Quote

Our technicians know how to find addresses in many neighborhoods, including Hillcrest and City Heights. We make it easy to recognize our licensed technicians by requiring them to wear uniforms, while on-the-job. After arriving, we inspect the problem carefully and can provide you with a free quote detailing the costs for any repairs. In many cases, we can make repairs the same day because our vans are loaded with equipment and parts. Alternatively, our San Diego plumbers know how to source parts quickly from nearby warehouses. Clients concerned about paying for our professional San Diego plumber services are welcome to apply for 12 month interest free financing on services as well.

We Know How to Plan Projects

Individuals planning a new building or needing major repair can ask about our plumbing contractors San Diego companies trust. Our service includes planning and installing pipes and fixtures. We know how to apply for the proper permits required for making improvements to older structures or building new homes. We understand how to work safely on a variety of building types, including single family homes, apartments and skyscrapers. Not all plumbing companies in San Diego understand how to work on a wide assortment of problems such as water pressure difficulties, trenchless sewer systems or repiping repairs. However, at Boyd Rogers Plumbing, we have the required tools and knowledge to tackle any type of plumbing project.

Our Technicians Arrive Quickly for Emergencies

Boyd Rogers also provide emergency plumbing services San Diego residents love! Emergency repairs are vital in restaurants, retail establishments and medical facilities in order to stay within required health codes. Customers can count on us to arrive promptly to determine what is wrong with a nonfunctional restroom or kitchen plumbing issue. We understand how to unclog kitchen drains filled with food debris such as vegetable fibers and grease. Our San Diego plumbing experts know how to use state-of-the-art technology to inspect interior and exterior drainage systems with video cameras to avoid unnecessary building demolition or major excavation of the property. This helps to speed the repair process while reducing the cost of our services.

We Make Sure Repairs Meet Local Codes

San Diego plumbers need to know how to work with technicians from other companies during remodeling projects and new construction. Our technicians are ready to work with service personnel from other companies who are installing appliances, gas lines or electrical wires to make sure everything meets local building codes in our city. In addition, large structures such as the Union Bank of California Building require us to supply several technicians at once to get the job completed as fast as possible. We are the plumbers in San Diego that residents trust to get the job repaired correctly the first time to avoid multiple service calls that inconvenience property managers and homeowners.

Our Technicians Can Provide Helpful Advice

Many customers contact us with emergency plumbing problems such as broken water pipes without knowing how to turn off main valves. Our technicians can provide support in these situations by informing clients how to turn off interior or exterior valves to prevent extensive water damage to their properties. While waiting for a San Diego plumber to arrive, we suggest that customers move furniture and rugs from the work area if it is safe to do. Customers should avoid getting near spaces where there may be wet electrical wires or slippery floor surfaces to avoid an injury. By preparing the work area before plumbers in San Diego arrive, they can make repairs quickly, leading to having working faucets, drains and toilets faster.

We Offer Affordable Services and Financing

Our company will send a proven plumber San Diego residents trust to make the right repairs to water heaters, pipes and hoses. The plumbing services San Diego homeowners and property managers hire must also have affordable prices on labor charges, replacement parts and new fixtures. Customers can depend on Boyd Rogers Plumbing to offer competitive pricing at commercial and residential properties for repairs and installation. Customers struggling to pay for repairs can apply for our 12 month no interest financing to get the repairs they need today to have working fixtures such as bathtubs or sinks in their home.

Our Technicians Respond to Telephone Calls Quickly

Personable and friendly plumbing companies in San Diego are difficult to find in this large city. Because we opened our business in 1977, many of our customers have used our plumbing contractors before to plan remodeling projects or make repairs. One of the best ways to know a service company is professional is how long the business has been open while having repeat customers. Instead of hiring an unknown company to work on a business or home’s water pipes, drains and bathroom fixtures, call Boyd Rogers Plumbing today to get a free quote on services and installation. Our telephone lines are open 24 hours a day to provide plumbing services throughout the Greater San Diego area.

Trust Boyd Rogers. We Know Plumbing.

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