If you have older, galvanized pipes that you believe are corroding, you may be faced with serious health risks. The rust and deposits in the pipes can make their way into the system and adversely affect the water that you and your family drink. Since you use water for washing clothes, showers and for cooking, pipe corrosion can become a serious health hazard. At Boyd Rogers Plumbing, we understand how important it is to keep your pipes in clean, working order. If you need a pipe repair service, our technicians are courteous, reliable and skilled in every type of repiping in San Diego.

Our technicians may determine whether you need a pipe repair or if you need a full pipe replacement at your San Diego home. Regardless of the situation, we have the skills and the technology to ensure that the job is completed successfully, efficiently and within your budget. If you feel that your pipes are clogged, an appliance is leaking, your water pressure is almost nonexistent and have noticed a rusty brown color to your water, give our experienced staff a call.

While our technicians are usually able to repair nearly any pipe, there are instances when you may need a full pipe replacement in San Diego homes or businesses. Our technicians will discuss your options upfront and provide you with a free estimate so that there are no surprises when the job is completed. Our clients appreciate our dedication to customer satisfaction, our honesty and our commitment to accuracy the very first time.

We make sure water pipes are clean and free of leaks for any business or home owner. Water in Southern California is expensive enough to lose money to leaks, and local laws promote conservation. Pipes must be free of dirt, rust, and grit in order to flow freely and to avoid unpleasant tastes. A rough surface on the interior of pipes also provides a place for bacteria to settle and a weakness to ice.

We are the repiping specialist San Diego needs to inspect, clean, replace, and braze pipes to perfection. Professionals know the signs of a faulty line. Low water pressure is the best indicator, although some leaks occur very slowly and do not perceptibly effect pressure. We are experts who have the equipment to test pressure and then compare it to homes at a similar elevation. We use these measurements to test for significant leaks.

Any break in the pipe is a serious problem. Water being forced out under pressure can create cavities under the home. While the erosion is not as significant as a naturally occurring sinkhole, small amounts of local erosion is serious enough to undermine the foundation and to cause cracking and instability to the building. Small holes will leave pressure distributed unevenly on the ground, and a cinder block foundation eventually buckles under shearing stress.

Repipe specialists San Diego approves of can prevent domestic damage by first analyzing the water main for poor pressure and then attempt to triangulate where the leak might be occurring. This might require tinkering with the flow to the house using the external valve, but an accurate reading saves money on any followup repair work. Not all leaks are underground; some occur inside the house and cause wood to rot. Drywall damage is easier to spot, but rotting wood can render a home unsafe. To this end, we are the repiping specialists San Diego can trust to preserve property value. We can keep a home standing.

We can repair most problems without having to remove pipe sections. Steel pipes are durable, although they are prone to corroding if they are not stainless. Testing water for rust is sufficient to detect any problems. The homeowner might be the first to spot browning whenever the tap is first turned on. A repipe specialist San Diego knows to have experience might tap the pipe with a hammer to see how much rust is dislodged. A little is acceptable, as iron oxide is nontoxic, but a great deal suggests weak pipes. Too much iron in a diet is also unhealthy.

Rusting pipes is just one more sign of leakage, as a cracked pipe also introduces air. If the problem is just a leak, then patching and brazing are fast and effective solutions. For this, repipe specialists San Diego recommends simply fills cracks with flux or a nontoxic weld such as silver alloy. Patching new metal on top of old is mostly limited to steel pipes, but it lasts for the lifetime of the pipe and is appropriate for the brittle nature of stainless steel.

Services in copper repiping San Diego trusts to last is the solution for homeowners tired of rust and the flimsy nature of plastic pipes. While stainless steel is strong and does not rust, it can crack with the right environmental stress and is not much cheaper than copper. A quality copper repipe San Diego can prepare a structure to last as long as a brick building, because copper pipes have a life of over a century.

Copper is strong yet flexible. It can withstand enormous internal pressures and tends to form solid joints with brazing or soldering. In the event of a tremor or warping of the walls, copper can bend and distort significantly without breaking. For this reason, pipes inside the house are best made of copper. As long as the ground pipes are solid and watertight, they are left in place but are fitted with new copper pipes as they ascend into the home. As a bonus, copper can withstand a rapid transition from hot to cold.

The best repiping San Diego local is offered by professionals who understand the properties of water and the damage it can do to a wood and drywall structure. We understand the structural properties of different pipes and their susceptibility to environmental stresses. We offer many products and services to meet different needs and make intelligent recommendations that stand up for decades. Boyd Rogers Plumbing is your firm. We are the specialists in repipe house owners trust.

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