We understand how much a leak in your home can affect your daily life. In some instances, if you cannot find a plumber to assist you in detecting leaks, you may be faced with costly and extensive repairs. We provide technicians 24 hours a day, seven days a week to assist you, and we deliver quality services that are completed properly the first time we visit you.

Whether a pipe breaks and causes a flooded basement or you just need someone experienced in the leak detection San Diego residents can count on, we are available at any time of the day to assist you. A leak could be due to a broken pipe, an old or worn washer or it may be an indication that the water is not properly flowing within your home. Our technicians are more than happy to provide you with a free estimate before we begin your home to help reduce any stress and eliminate any surprises you may feel are coming your way.

Our 12-month financing program is interest-free and allows us to fit our leak detection services to match almost any budget. We will do everything we can to work with you to ensure you are satisfied and comfortable with your payment plan.

When you need an experienced plumber to find and fix your leaks in San Diego, Boyd Rogers Plumbing will get the job done correctly and efficiently. Our work is guaranteed, regardless of the job, so rest assured that you have trained technicians ready to assist you in an emergency at any time of the day or night.

Leaking water pipes are one of the most serious kinds of damage to your home. Water will gradually undermine the building structure which may eventually cause collapses, and it creates an environment where mold, mildew and fungi can flourish. From the Gaslamp Quarter to Balboa Park and throughout Mission Bay, our San Diego leak detection service can detect leaks and stop water damage before it causes you a major expense.

Most of your pipe systems are unseen. They run inside your walls and ceiling and under your house and landscaping, so if you have a burst pipe or pinhole leak in your copper pipe, you may not even realize it until your utility bills start increasing for no discernable reason.

The expert water leak detection San Diego has trusted for 35 years uses state-of-the-art equipment and the latest technology to find leaks:

  • Under landscaping including concrete slabs, porches and decks
  • In basements
  • Behind walls and ceilings
  • In radiant heating systems
  • In sprinkler and irrigation systems

If you suspect you have a leak or see damp places on your floor or ceiling, you should call our leak detection San Diego team immediately. The longer the dampness remains, the more dangerous it becomes. We’re available 24/7 from Camp Pendleton to the San Diego Harbor to find and fix any home plumbing issue you have day or night.

Plumbing Safety

There are three categories of water. Category one is clean and sanitary drinking water. It may come from your faucets or a water filter. Category two is unclean water that usually comes from your washing machine, shower, kitchen and bathroom sinks and dishwasher. This water can cause illness in humans if it is ingested. Category three is highly unsanitary water that comes from your toilet and sewer pipes and can cause serious illness if ingested by humans. It is extremely unhygienic even to touch category three water. Any water from a toilet, even if it is clear, is considered category three.

When potable water spills or leaks from a pipe, it must be dried immediately. Water that is left standing will gradually turn into category three water. Microbes from the environment will contaminant the water and fecal matter from animals can make it seriously unsanitary. The mold, mildew and fungi that begin to develop in category three water release spores into the atmosphere that pollute the indoor air. These pathogens can cause respiratory problems for anyone who has allergies or asthma and eventually even for healthy people.

The main reason these issues are so dangerous and require our water pipe leak detection San Diego team is because they can exist for months without you realizing it. You may not even connect your overall health to a damp place in your home.

Why Pipes Leak

There are several reasons why home plumbing may develop leaks. Even excellent drinking water can have a corrosive effect on pipes. The factors that may contribute to pipe corrosion are:

  • The water’s pH
  • The water’s temperature
  • The water pressure
  • The water chemistry, including the amount of oxygen

Clogged drains and toilets can cause leaks. If you call for our pipe repair San Diego experts as soon as leaks are detected, they can usually be fixed before serious damage is done.

Pipes also shift due to earthquakes, soggy soil and the natural settling of your house. These are most often the unseen leaks that are not detected until they have caused some damage. Our underground water leak detection San Diego team uses the latest technology to find leaks that are not apparent.

Tree roots that invade pipes are another major cause of leaks. Tiny cracks form in pipes and leak water to which small roots are attracted. They gradually fill the pipe with roots. The roots can be removed with our equipment, or, if necessary, our pipe replacement San Diego crew will install new pipes.

Signs That You Have Leaks

It will save you a lot of time and money if our plumbing leak detection San Diego team finds the source before it becomes a huge leak. The symptoms may be small, and you may think you can ignore them for the time being, but it is definitely worth calling us to take care if it quickly. You may have a leaking pipe if you experience:

  • Low water pressure
  • A hissing sound from your water heater
  • A toilet that never stops filling
  • Areas of your lawn that grow faster and greener than the rest
  • Damp areas around your swimming pool

Water damage can cause major repair bills along with high utility bills. It’s much more cost-effective to call us at any time to make sure your home has efficient plumbing.

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