Imagine getting ready to step into a hot shower only to be blasted with ice cold water. Checking your hot water heater at least once every three months is necessary maintenance to avoid this scenario. However, should you need a hot water heater repair, Boyd Rogers Plumbing will be there to assist you.

Known across San Diego for our leadership and expertise in all aspects of plumbing, heating and cooling, our trained technicians are always available no matter what the scope of the situation. Even if our technicians come to your residence and find that your unit is beyond repair, we have the skills and technology to perform a full hot water heater installation to replace your current system.

Regardless of your case, our technicians are timely, courteous and efficient. We understand how valuable your time is and how suddenly being without hot water can turn even the warmest of moods cold. Our clients return to us time and again because of our dedication to customer satisfaction; we strive to perform each job correctly with the very first attempt.

We also provide you with a free estimate up front so that you know what the project or service will cost. With Boyd Rogers Plumbing, there are no hidden fees or surprises – what you see is what you get. Many of our clients have benefited from our payment plans that allow them to pay in specified installments for a hot water heater repair or installation. We do everything in our power to ensure that your experience is a good one and that these often unexpected events aren’t a nuisance.

Many people take hot water for granted and don’t realize they need to regularly care for their water heater until it is broken. Whether you have a tankless water heater or a conventional storage-tank type, regular maintenance from a professional plumber will save you the inconvenience of a cold shower as well as expensive repairs. If problems are caught early, our water heater repair San Diego team of experts will fix them quickly.

Repair or Replace

The two main types of water heaters are gas and electric, and there are also solar water heaters. An electric heater can be used almost everywhere, but a gas heater is usually only installed if gas is used in other areas of the home such as for the furnace or stove. Our hot water heater repair San Diego technicians have been trusted for more than 35 years, and have expertise and knowledge in all types. We regularly maintain water heaters from Point Loma to UC San Diego.

Conventional storage tanks usually last about 10 to 13 years. If you know the age of your water heater, you can more easily decide if you want to repair or replace it. For heaters more than 10 years old, it is almost always preferable to install a new one. This is because new models use new technology, so they are up to 20 percent more energy efficient and can save you money on your monthly bill.

Our San Diego water heater repair team will diagnose your water heater and find the problem. There are not many things that can go wrong because water heaters have few moving parts. Some issues are:

  • On a gas unit, the pilot light may go out
  • On an electric unit, the circuit breaker may trip
  • A failure of the burner or heating element
  • The thermostat breaks
  • A valve sticks

These problems are relatively easy to repair, but if your tank leaks and is more than 10 years old, you most likely need to call our water heater replacement San Diego team. Leaks are usually caused by corrosion from the interaction of the water with the side of the storage tank. In newer models, there is foam or glass insulation that protects the side of the tank while keeping the water hot longer. This is why new tanks are more energy efficient. You can get a water heater installation San Diego trusts to be energy efficient that meets Energy Star standards.

It may not be as simple as taking out the old heater and installing a new one. There are building codes and required upgrades that need to be considered. When we install or repair your water heater, you don’t need to worry about the codes and rules. For example, some codes require upgrades of:

  • The water heater mount
  • The venting systems
  • The drain pans under the heater
  • The supply pipes

Tankless Water Heaters

Tankless water heaters do not store water. They are designed to give hot water on demand. They not only save energy, they also save space. Most tankless heaters are very small and can fit in small places throughout the house. To avoid hot water deficiency, our tankless water heater installation San Diego experts can install one in several rooms. One of the main advantages is there is no waiting time between showers. After one person showers, the next person need not wait for the water in a storage unit to heat. Since there is no storage of water, there is no possibility of corrosion, so you may require our tankless water heater repair San Diego team less often, and the units last longer than conventional types.

If you would like to change your gas unit for an electric one or vice versa, our certified plumbers know the building codes for gas fixtures and connections.

What to Look For

Before you get hit with that blast of cold water, there are some signs that your water heater needs attention.

  • Discolored water caused by sediment and rust
  • Foul-smelling water means there may be bacteria in the tank
  • Low water pressure means there may be a clogged pipe or faucet
  • High water pressure means a faulty relief valve

In a regular storage tank, the cold water that enters the tank as the hot water is used reduces the amount of hot water available at that time. During colder times of the year, the cold water temperature may be lower and cause the heater to take more time to heat it. This process can be made more efficient if your water heater is flushed out every three months, especially if you have hard water. Flushing removes the sediment that takes up space in your tank and reduces the pressure. We can do this regularly, keeping your heater in perfect condition.

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