If you suspect a gas leak at your residence in San Diego, you will need the skills of a company trained in gas line repair to protect yourself and your home from toxic fumes and a potential explosion. At Boyd Rogers Plumbing, we understand how vital it is to fix broken gas lines right away so we provide emergency assistance at all hours of the day to help you.

Additionally, if either you or our technicians feel that the damage extends beyond a simple leak and requires more than a gas line repair, we have the technology and the skills to perform a full gas line installation to replace your current faulty system without causing unnecessary damage to your home or property.

Leaking gas may lead to dangerous explosions or asphyxiation if not caught early enough; fortunately, commercial gases have a strong odor added to them to ensure that you can easily detect a leak. At Boyd Rogers Plumbing, we are able to test and locate leaks promptly within your gas line using a variety of successful techniques without causing further disruption to your life.

Whether you want to repair your gas line or you need a gas line installation for a new stove, our certified technicians are ready and able to assist you. We provide San Diego with quality services each and every time, proving with each job that we can meet and exceed your expectations without going over budget.

A leak in a gas pipe anywhere in your home can be very dangerous. Gas leaks are responsible for explosions and well as asphyxiation of humans and pets. If you have the slightest suspicion that you have a gas leak, you should call us for the gas line repair San Diego has trusted for over 35 years. We provide emergency services for a gas leak as well as other plumbing issues and are available 24/7 no matter where you live in the greater San Diego area.

The gas that is entering your home has been treated with a powerful odor to make it easier for you to detect a leak. If you smell the odor of gas, you should immediately get your family and pets outside to fresh air and then call us. We are extremely responsive because we understand the importance of repairing gas lines quickly.

Once everyone is outside, do not go back inside to use the phone. Call us from a neighbor’s phone, if possible, or from a mobile phone outside your home. You shouldn’t turn on any electrical switches including doorbells. Needless to say, you should not light a cigarette. If the gas odor isn’t overpowering, and you don’t hear a hissing sound of escaping gas, you can enter the house and open windows. Before an emergency arises, it’s a good idea to find the gas supply meter and learn how to turn it off. This is the best way to prevent a disaster.

The most common reasons for gas leaks are:

  • The boiler pilot light has gone out
  • The oven is turn on but not lit
  • A gas burner is turned on but not lit
  • The pilot light has gone out on a dryer

Most propane and natural gas supply companies will come to your house to test for the source of the leak. However, they will not repair it. That’s where we come in.

Gas Water Heaters

The most common problems with gas water heaters are connected to the pilot light. The pilot will not light if the gas is turned off, if there is air in the gas pipe, if the pilot orifice or lines are clogged and if the gas control valve is defective. Our gas line repair San Diego team of experts can find the cause quickly if your pilot won’t light.

Some pilots will light but will not stay lit. For some reason, the gas supply gets turned off shortly after it is lit. The cause could be the thermocouple. This is a safety device that senses when the pilot light is on. If the pilot is not lit, the gas valve will not turn on the gas. Another cause could be a defective gas control valve. Sometimes the pilot will light, but the light goes out intermittently. There are several possible causes for this that our gas leak repair San Diego team can determine.

Other possible problems with a gas hot water heater are:

  • Not enough hot water. This may be caused by overuse.
  • The thermostat is malfunctioning
  • The water heater is too small for the required use
  • The burner orifice is clogged
  • The dip tube is cracked or broken
  • There is low gas pressure
  • The flexible natural gas line installation was not done correctly

These issues and others should be handled by our licensed and certified gas leak technicians. It is possible you need the gas line replacement San Diego trusts, and only a professional can detect if this is the case and do it.

If you require a natural gas line installation San Diego considers top quality for a new gas stove or fireplace, there are state and local laws that need to be followed. We are experts at these and certified to handle all of your gas connections. We’ll also convert your oil or electric furnace to gas. This could help to reduce your monthly heating expenses.


Most hearth products including fireplaces, artificial log sets and inserts burn gas. These units are heat-producing and attractive for cool nights near the San Diego Harbor or Imperial Beach. Our certified team offers gas line installation San Diego has enjoyed for years for their inside gas fire, outdoor barbeque and fire pit.

If you are looking for flexible gas line installation San Diego trusts or any other plumbing upgrade or repair, we’ll give you an estimate for the whole job and get it done on time and within budget. We’ll come to your rescue 24/7 whatever plumbing emergency you have. All of our work is fully guaranteed, so you get results that meet or exceed your expectations.

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