Is your plumbing a target for thieves?

Most people don’t notice their plumbing unless there’s a problem with it.

We count on our toilets to run and our showers to be hot, and as long as nothing interferes with our basic needs, we’re happy.

But sometimes what we don’t know can hurt us.

For example, all homes and businesses have something called backflow devices.  They’re important because they keep water from flowing back into the community’s water supply, which could potentially lead to contamination.

If you’re not interested in plumbing, you might not trouble yourself with this kind of information.  But did you know that these devices are made of brass, which has a valuable re-sale value?

Vista resident, Michael Welton did, which is why he reportedly burglarized many homes and businesses across Escondido, San Marcos, Vista and Oceanside.

According to the UT San Diego, Welton stole backflow devices with the purpose of selling them to local recycling plants.  Supposedly, the valves will sell for up to a hundred dollars.

The police finally caught up to the alleged thief, which hopefully will put an end to the rash of stolen property.  But what about his victims?

The absence of backflow valves is a major concern.  Without them, your residence or business is not only missing an important valve, but you may now be on the hook for contaminating the larger water supply.

It may even be too late before you realize it.  How long had the part been stolen?  More importantly, you need a replacement as soon as possible, before more damage is done.

This isn’t the kind of job you can just do yourself, especially if you don’t have any DIY experience.

You need to call a professional who’ll respond immediately.  For the best emergency plumber San Diego has to offer, Boyd Rogers is ready to help.

For over 35 years, we’ve assisted the city with all kinds of plumbing issues.  From run-of-the-mill leaky faucets and clogged drains, to unforeseen floods and disasters, we’ve been the go-to plumbers for many residents and businesses alike in San Diego county.

And we’re available 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.  If you discover a missing backflow valve, or have a burst pipe, we’ll be there to fix it, no matter what time it is.

While a stolen piece of plumbing may be rare, it’s not a bad idea to have us check out your property.  Obviously, there are many parts of your home that you can’t see.  Important pipes are hidden behind the walls, or trenched in the yard.  You would never know if they needed work.

If you don’t want to call someone out to your home or commercial property purely for an inspection, then file it away for the future.  The next time you run into a jam or need our services for another reason, remember to ask us to look around.

Our trained professionals will know the difference between a red flag, and normal wear and tear.  We’ll make sure that you’re protected from an emergency.

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