Is your neighborhood headed for a plumbing disaster?

Recently one of San Diego’s most popular neighborhoods was rocked by an unexpected flood.

This isn’t totally unheard of.  In our normally dry city, areas from El Cajon to Pacific Beach aren’t always built to handle strong storms.

Multiple days of heavy rain can cause serious water problems.  But to some extent, we can at least predict weather-related issues and control them.

However, the events of April 15 were so unnerving and disruptive exactly because they couldn’t be predicted.

In Mission Beach, a 12-inch cast iron water main broke, and caused a major deluge of the surrounding area.  According to NBC San Diego, police had to shut down portions of Mission Boulevard and West Mission Bay Drive near the Belmont roller coaster.

Crews frantically worked to repair the burst pipe, but for some it was too late.  Nearby residents were left stranded without water, and others reported flooding in their homes.

Eventually the problem was repaired, but there was no reversing the damage that was done.

Perhaps the most frustrating part of this scenario is that it’s most likely no one’s fault.  Accidents happen.  But what do you do if this were to happen in your neighborhood, yard or home?  Are you prepared?

In the Mission Beach event, the culprit was a water main, but often these kinds of situations are caused by busted sewer lines.  These are arguably more dangerous because you, the resident or homeowner, would never see the problem coming.

Sewer lines are located underground on purpose, in order to keep your neighborhood looking good.  The downside is you don’t know what kind of condition they’re in.

If your streets are in fact hit with an emergency flood, the main thing to remember is who to call.

A lot of plumbers will claim to be equipped to handle the problem, but only one company is truly ready to serve you.  For the best sewer replacement San Diego has to offer, Boyd Rogers is on call 24 / 7.

For over three decades, we’ve helped preserve the clogged pipes and leaky faucets from Qualcomm Stadium to Safari Park.  And we’re no strangers to bigger jobs, either.

One of our specialties is trenchless sewer repair.  With minimal digging and breaking of ground, we can inspect, repair and even replace the problematic lines that are causing you headaches.

Typically when we think of plumbing, we automatically jump to our sinks, toilets, and internal pipes.  But some of the most important components to keeping the flow of water running smoothly are sewer lines.

They also protect us from contamination.  Sewage gets a bad rap for reason.  It’s dirty and potentially hazardous to our health.  If it’s not properly contained, the results could be worse than just some minor flooding.

Imagine if the Mission Beach fiasco had instead been caused by a burst sewer line.  Some people grabbed their kayaks when the water main broke and filled the streets.  That wouldn’t happen if the water had been sewage.

Thankfully people wound up safe.  However, next time you’re faced with a similar emergency near your home or business, call Boyd Rogers.

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