Is SeaWorld a plumbing disaster waiting to happen?

Over time, San Diego residents have hotly debated one major question:

What’s our best tourist destination?

The source of the conflict comes from the variety of options.  Many cite the San Diego Zoo as not only the city’s greatest attraction, but one of the world’s.

Meanwhile supporters of Safari Park in North County claim that its highlights can’t be beat.  And then there are Chargers fans who vote for Qualcomm Stadium for obvious reasons.

Certainly one of the top contenders for the county’s best destinations is none other than SeaWorld.  With dozens of family friendly activities, and up-close encounters with wild marine life (who doesn’t love Shamu?), SeaWorld draws huge crowds.

However, perhaps because of its mass appeal, it continues to draw speculation about what some see as a vulnerability.  While security in the park is known for being top notch, there exists the potential for a major catastrophe.

Forget attacks on safety and threats to personal injury.  This kind of danger is much more hazardous.  Of course, we’re referring to… a leaky pipe!

That’s right.  Many people dismiss something like this as an inconvenience, but that’s short-sited.  One leaky pipe can cause an incredible disruption.

Consider this example.  Imagine the most popular bathroom at SeaWorld for a moment.  It’s highy trafficked, no doubt.  All day long people flush the toilet and wash their hands.  Even with low-flow fixtures, a staggering amount of water gets used.

All it would take is one pipe to burst for complete anarchy to ensue.

If you’ve ever experienced a busted pipe at home, you know the kind of headache it causes.  In bad situations, it can require reconstruction of your home and cost huge sums of money.

Now imagine that problem but SeaWorld-sized!

If a central water main breaks, it could flood the thoroughfares and alleyways of the park, causing all visitors and employees to run for dry ground.  Business will be interrupted.

Meanwhile, dads will bemoan the money they spent on their families’ tickets, and moms will lament the missed opportunity to just have a nice family vacation for once.

In these kinds of situations, you want to have a trained professional close at hand, someone who knows how to handle mass plumbing catastrophes.  For the best emergency plumber San Diego has to offer, Boyd Rogers is ready to assist you or your business.  We’re here 24/7 to handle your leaky pipes, clogged toilets, and of course, flooded bathrooms.

In some ways, a leaky pipe is just the tip of the iceberg for potential dangers at SeaWorld.  If you think about it, the whole park is one giant leaky pipe.

How much water is contained in Shamu’s enormous tank?  What would happen if it flooded?  Surely, the entire park would have to sprint to safety.

The next time you vacation with your family, just make sure you’ve considered all of the possible hazards (and maybe bring extra dry clothes).

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