Don’t even think of remodeling until you read this

Although we haven’t yet completely pulled out of the recession, San Diego homeowners have resumed investing money into their homes. In addition to managing urgent repairs like copper repiping or fixing burst mains, people are increasingly turning to partial and even full remodels. Whether it’s to enhance the overall re-sale value or just to upgrade the aesthetic appeal, remodeling can be fun project, but it’s definitely not without its challenges.

From the design stage to the actual contractor work, you need to plan your remodel down to the smallest detail to minimize risk of losing money, or winding up with an unsightly home. Specifically, the one design and construction trend you need to know before you start is open space. These days, people want big airy rooms, especially in the main areas of the home. Here are a just a few examples of this trend in action:

Enlarged kitchens

In older homes, kitchens were often small-ish and separated from the adjoining living and family rooms. Walls kept everything separated, designating one room for cooking, and the others for eating and socializing. However, these days people want to join the spaces so that social activity can happen everywhere at once. If your kitchen is separated by a wall and you’re itching to remodel, consider knocking it down. This isn’t a step to be taken lightly, but if your home can handle it, and it’s within your budget, creating a more spacious, freer kitchen can really open up a home. Keep in mind, though, that you may need to re-arrange the whole room once that wall comes down.

Glass showers

Previously, few homeowners put much thought into luxury bathrooms. While they weren’t an after-thought per se, they didn’t command the same kind of attention as the rest of the home. These days, however, bathrooms are a marquee attraction. In particular, large walk-in showers are increasingly common. Often they’re decorated with nice tiles and fancy showerheads that range from high-pressure soak to mist and rain settings. In keeping with the open-space trend, these showers are accessed by big glass doors. Unlike a traditional curtain, which separates the bathroom into 2 segments, glass doors make the room feel bigger.

If you want to remodel your bathroom, make sure you contact a professional. As the best plumber in San Diego, Boyd Rogers will make sure that your construction aligns with the current location of your pipes. From the areas around Qualcomm Stadium to La Jolla, we’ll help you execute the perfect bathroom remodel.

Luxury tiles

While big, open showers and kitchens are the main focus of many remodels, tiles are a close second. People are spending a little more on more aesthetically appealing tiles for their kitchen back splash areas, as well as in the bathroom. Subway tiles remain a popular choice, but homeowners are also choosing higher-end luxury tiles as well. These look nicer and according to experts, last a little longer than their cheaper counterparts. Add these tiles to your kitchen or walk-in shower, and you can dramatically increase the value of these areas.

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