Common plumbing emergencies, and how to handle them

Why is it that that household emergencies always seem to happen at the least convenient time?  Whether you’re asleep, or say, trying to rush out the door to take the kids to the San Diego Zoo, something is bound to go wrong.  Faulty plumbing is often the cause of daily disruption, as any homeowner will tell you.

It’s impossible to tell when you’re going to have a plumbing emergency (they are, by definition, unpredictable).  The best way to prepare is to run yearly preventative maintenance, but let’s be honest – flushing the water heater annually might not be at the top our list of priorities.

The bad news is disruptions are going to happen no matter what, and probably at the worst possible time.  The good news is that there’s a solution for almost any problem you may encounter.

Burst pipes

You probably won’t see any warning signs of a failing pipe, as they’re located behind the walls.  But let’s say you wake up in the middle of the night to a hissing noise, or more obviously, see a bulge start to form in the wall.  Prepare yourself.

Most likely, this problem is too big and potentially disastrous to handle yourself.  Instead, call the best 24 hour plumber San Diego has to offer.  From the Gaslamp Quarter to North County, Boyd Rogers is available round the clock to help.

Clogged toilet

It’s easy to take our toilets for granted.  Tossing trash into them is tempting sometimes, but beware.  This is the most common cause of a clog.  Paper towels, sanitary napkins, or whatever your kids may have unknowingly flushed down the tank may lead to a terrible overflow that could flood your entire bathroom.  If simple plunging doesn’t solve the problem, a professional may need to be called to use a snake or more sophisticated tool.

Jammed garbage disposal

While floods can spell bad news for your floors, a busted disposal can be just as bad.  Terrible odors and a backed up sink are just some of the symptoms that may inconvenience you.

Like a toilet, be mindful of what you drop down the drain.  Eggshells, fatty meats and other sinewy vegetables like celery should go into the garbage instead.  If you do have a jam, try grinding ice cubes in it.  In many instances, they’ll help loosen stuck food, and clear the clog.

Flooded washing machine

In terms of household appliances, washing machines tend to float under the radar of emergencies.  However, given the amount of water they use, they’re potentially disastrous.  The hoses control the flow of water, and if they fail, it could mean a soapy deluge in your laundry room or basement.  The simplest solution here is to just unplug the machine.

If you’re not sure when you replaced the hoses last, look into it, and consider switching them out for more sturdy, braided hoses instead.

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