Located just outside of San Diego is California’s fourteenth largest city. Chula Vista with its population of over 240,000 people is located right along the US-Mexico border so you can imagine the mixes of culture and the really great TexMex food. Chula Vista’s location makes it a shining example of both cultural and economic diversity.

Chula Vista means “beautiful view” in Spanish, and the view certainly is. The founders had an eye for a beautiful sunset when they decided to build their settlement in between the Pacific Coast and the rolling foothills of the San Ysidro and Jamul Mountains. Started as little more than a mission and an outpost, the sleepy settlement on the coast has grown into an economic and cultural powerhouse.

Chula Vista’s economic growth and reputation as a leading California city is based on its commitment to fostering small businesses. While there are certainly a number of large corporations, the majority of the business community is comprised of small, independent businesses. Being a local SMB ourselves we really appreciate this.

Tourism makes up a large portion of the overall economic activity in the city. Notable attractions within the city are the Chula-Vista marina located at the South Bay where visitors can charter sport fishing or whale watching boats, the city’s interactive nature center where local Sand Diego Bay sea life and other flora and fauna are on display, and year-round US Olympic Training Center.

Come down to Chula Vista and enjoy the sun, the food and the view!

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