Are tree roots clogging your sewer lines?

San Diego has its share of beautiful, older homes.  Just take a drive through the restored districts of North Park and Golden Hill, and you’ll see these testaments to history.  Of course, with the charm and character of older homes comes extra work.  Newer residences are built from more efficient materials, or at the very least, have accrued less wear and tear.

For example, the underground pipes of contemporary houses are made from PVC, and rarely disturbed by tree roots.  However, homes built before 1970 most likely included clay piping.  As a result, they’re vulnerable to the reach of encroaching roots over time, which can clog or even break them.

So how do you handle a clogged sewer line?  Here are a few tips to help.

Identify the problem

First, make sure that the back up that you’re experiencing is actually the result of a tree.  If you can, consult the original plans for you home to figure out where the main line runs to your yard.  Are any trees growing near there?  In particular, watch out for old trees.  They may be located away from the line, but their roots can grow deep under the surface, especially in a drought.  In dry conditions, roots will search for any presence of moisture.

Of course, without consistent documentation of work done to the property over the years, it can be difficult to confirm the problem.  Some older clay pipes may have been replaced with the more efficient PVC, and trees might not be an issue after all.  You may have to contact a professional to verify once and for all.

Chemical solutions?

If you feel confident that roots are at the heart of the matter, then you may consider a DIY solution.  All you have to do is visit your local hardware store and buy liquid root killer.  Once you’ve poured it down the toilet, it should destroy the interfering roots.

However, this measure isn’t without controversy.  For one, the chemicals may be harmful to humans if they come into contact with your skin.  But most of their detractors cite their potentially hazardous environmental effects.  Research is inconclusive as to whether or not the chemicals that kill the roots will actually hurt your pipes.  Moreover, it may kill bacteria in your septic tank that’s actually useful.

Rooter service

If you can’t conclusively identify the problem, and chemicals just aren’t for you, then call a professional.  A licensed technician will always be able to help.  For the best rooter services San Diego has to offer, contact Boyd Rogers.

From Downtown to Qualcomm Stadium, we can help no matter where you live.  Using minimally invasive techniques, we’ll figure out if roots have interfered with or collapsed your sewer line.  Maybe most importantly, you can rest easily knowing that the problem is being safely handled.

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